Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Website & Blog

Since it's quite obvious this page hasn't been updated in forever, why don't you check out my new website where you can find all my cosplaying and non-costuming geekdom? You know you wanna! :)

Teaching Jaymie how to use Blogger

This post is me teaching Jaymie how to use Blogger. She is funny. She wants me to file this under boredom and viking warriors. Don't ask.

  • This is a list
  • It has some fiiiiiine bullet points
  • yessireee
  • the end
  • manatees

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm not dead, I'm just busy!

No really... I'm here. I just can't seem to find time to journal when I actually have something to say and then when I get around to it... I have zero time or nothing to say anymore. Me, speechless? I know, right? LOL

Love you all, off to workies!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Not really a post...

But there's a kid sleeping on the big circular couches we have in the Education Library. And he's snoring... and I want to laugh. But I won't, because I'm supposed to be an adult...

But, I will blog about :) I should probably wake him up... but what if he's a sleep-puncher or something? I guess he's not any louder than the people in the group workstations next to him...

I guess those are pretty comfy couches. LOL.

Monday, June 23, 2008


In which I gush about my new kitty for the entire post...

Awww!! Isn't he precious? I finally went and adopted a kitty from the shelter. I had seen some adorable kittens at the local PetCo for adoption and I thought I should drive out to the Brown County Humane Society to see who needed a home. And I fell in love with this little guy on sight! He was called Cecil, but I've named him Ulysses (more on that later). I picked him out on June 16th but he wasn't neutered yet so I had to wait until last Friday to pick him up. He's such a sweet little guy!

He was very good in the car on the way home, he didn't really cry but was (of course) scared. Once we got home, he explored a little and was pretty fearless. He didn't spent too much time under the bed, he used his new litter box right away and chowed down on some food and water. He drinks a lot! He tried to hide under my reclining couch, so Matthew and I had to stuff towels under there so he wouldn't be able to get under there and get stuck.

I spent 4 days trying to come up with a name. Cecil was only okay. I kind of liked Basil, but in the end I went with Ulysses because I bought him on Bloom's Day. For those non-dorks, June 16th is the day the story Ulysses by James Joyce takes place. It's kind of a big deal in Ireland (a friend was even in Dublin on Bloom's Day this year... at the pubs in celebration) but I'm not that much of a James Joyce fan. What sealed it was when Matthew suggested (jokingly) calling him Ulysses S. Cat. Which of course I loved. So his full name is General Ulysses S. Cat... Uly for short. Kinda fits considering how fearless he his. The runners up were Kingsley and Alton (he's from Brown County...anyone get it?).

He's a little terror! Running around the house and full speed and playing with his toys. I bought him one of those circles with the ball stuck in it and he plays with that forever. He also like to play tug of war with the little dangly cat toy. His nails were razor sharp and I have quite a few friendly scratches from him trying to climb over me. Yesterday while he was sleeping, I was able to cut all his nails. Unfortunately now he can't climb on the bed anymore. So he'll sit at do his cute little almost silent meow or this little squeaking purr he does until I pick him up and put him on the bed. He's already figured out how to climb my bookcase, but so far he's only done it once. He'll try to jump on anything from anything, no matter the distance! Like I said, no fear!

He likes to nap in my lap (or Matt's!) and he gets himself so tuckered out he'll sleep for a hour or more! Then it's back to playing full tilt. He really likes to sleep on my head at night... needless to say I haven't been getting much sleep because he's so little I'm worried about him getting squished in my little twin bed. But he won't sleep on this little bed I made for him from big comfy towels, so I think next paycheck I'll have to get him a little kitty bed and try that. He HATES his collar, but I need that bell to keep track of him. I even had to go buy a special kitty sized one, he's too tiny for a normal collar.

When I'm gone for a while, he comes running out when I get home and mews at me all accusatory... like "Where have you been?! I've been lonely!" I think he hides under the bed when I'm gone. Today will be the first day he's been home alone for so long. Matt is going to go check up on him while I'm at work. I miss the little guy! I'm worried he might have a kitty cold, he keeps sneezing and I think his nose looks runny but I might just be an overprotective mommy. I'm going to take him to the vet this week to be sure and to get a check-up.

So that's my little man! He's so cute and tiny. I wonder where he came from... he was found at around 8 weeks as a stray. Well, he's home now! Yup... step one towards crazy cat lady is complete ;)

And then my mom calls me yesterday to tell me that her and my father adopted a rottweiler from the shelter back home! A beautiful 4 -yr old boy named Rowdy. He's so sweet and just what my dad needed after we lost Jake. And this is a month after my little sister adopted two german shepard/rott pups from the same shelter. No doubt we're an animal loving family!